Welcome to the Wolff wiki!

Wolff is a ridiculously small and lightweight PHP framework with useful functions and utilities.

1.0 Documentation

This is the documentation relative to the version 2.0, to see the documentation of the 1.0 version, click here.


  • Fast: Due to its small size and simplicity, you don’t have to worry about loading times or resource usage.

  • Simple: It’s not only small, but simple as well; with a clean documentation and easy way to use.

  • Extensible: Take advantage of the middlewares and templates you can make in Wolff to expand your page.

  • Clean: The routes system allows you to have clean and friendly URLs, and the template system makes the php code cleaner while separating the logic from the view.

  • Dynamic: You can work however you want without strictly following the Wolff design.